Return to Bullet, Robot: A New World Begins.

Good news to share with you and all the readers of Bullet, Robot, as well as any others who may care…

…it’s time to return to the cruel hopeful new world of Bullet, Robot.

After five solid months of planning the story world and building its architecture, I can now set the characters free to move, fight, love and live within it.

In short, the universe of Bullet, Robot is becoming real and coming alive on a new level.

“Real” in the sense that my only remaining task is to show it to you.

Where is the new story?

The new novella is tentatively named Return to Bullet, Robot. You can find the completed first part of chapter one by clicking here:

Tension On The Line [Chapter 1, Part I] (click here)

Where can I find the previous parts of the story?

The previous novella, “Enter:Bullet, Robot”, will soon be available as a prequel to the upcoming chapters. The prequel is offered to members of the Bullet, Robot Reader’s Club.

All parts are designed to stand on their own while enticing you to read more. Hence, you don’t “need” to read Enter:Bullet, Robot in order to enjoy the upcoming stories. It’s comparable to watching a movie in the original Star Wars trilogy without seeing the one(s) that came before it.

To read more about the features and benefits of joining the Bullet, Robot Reader’s Club, click here (click here).

What makes this project different?

One of my larger goals for this project is to create a truly independent approach to self-published fiction on the Internet. Imagine knowing that the price of a book (instead of an arbitrary percentage) is paid directly to the author. Imagine an even simpler way to read books on any device, and never have to worry about whether or not your version is the most up-to-date one available. Imagine being able to enjoy true multimedia immersion — podcasts, book readings by the author, even video — as part of the reading experience if you want it.

This vision has been growing alongside the process of designing the Return to Bullet, Robot world. I want to be able to work on making it a reality as soon as possible so that independent authors can be free from the clutches of giants with names like Apple and Amazon. We can only make a choice when we have a choice to make. My choice is to create an alternative that benefits the writers and readers above all.

Join the Bullet, Robot Readers Club and tell two friends who might be interested. The more members we have, the more time I can afford to invest in both the story and the larger goals mentioned above.

. . .

I’m excited to finally be at the writing stage again for this story, and I hope you’re ready for some of the best storytelling I’ve ever composed. Every story is a new writing challenge — if you do anything more than once, you might as well aim to get better and better, right? Of course.

The new novella is tentatively titled Return to Bullet, Robot. You can find the completed first part of chapter one by clicking here:

Tension On The Line [Chapter 1, Part I] (click here)

Welcome back, and enjoy.


Enter: Bullet, Robot. Part I [Complete]

「The Future of Dystopia Will Never Be The Same.」Enter: Bullet, Robot.

After a few further revisions, this first part of the “Enter: Bullet, Robot” universe is complete.

Feedback, thoughts and other inquiries are welcome in the comments. All comments are queued as FOUO [for official use only] — meaning that I am the only one who will see and read them. Be sure to leave your email address if you want a response.

Parts of Enter: Bullet, Robot (I).

UPDATE: As of 2014.07.01, all parts of this story have been archived. They are now available as back issues for members of the Bullet:Robot Readers Club.

Click here to subscribe and receive all parts of “Enter:Bullet, Robot. Part I” as an annotated PDF file, and much more when you become a member of the Bullet:Robot Readers Club (click here to learn more now).

1. Just Another Busy Night At The Soldier Repair Shop
2. Post-Operative.
3. Sheep, Cockroaches and Nuclear Superheroes
4. Top of the Line
5. From Clouds to Crushed Earth
6. Third War’s Antidote


P.S. If you enjoyed this story, tell a friend and stay tuned. There’s much, much more in store.

P.P.S. Exclusive interview: Nine Crucial Questions for the Author of Enter: Bullet Robot… Asked by the Story’s Main Character (click here)